Advances in Motor Learning & Motor Control 2019

Welcome to Advances in Motor Learning & Motor Control 2019!
(Formerly, Translational & Computational Motor Control - TCMC)
12–7.30pm Friday, October 18, 2019
McCormick Place, Room TBD

This symposium provides an annual forum for presenting the best new work in motor control and motor learning, including studies of human motor behavior, imaging, motor neurophysiology, and computational modeling. The 2019 meeting will be held at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago, IL at the McCormick Place Convention Center.   There will be 3 plenary talks and 10 contributed talks chosen from open submissions (please see below for submission information and for last year’s schedule). Contributed talks will be 16min + 6min for questions. This year's plenary speakers will be Andrew Pruszynski (Western Univ), Abigail Person (UC Denver), & Mehrdad Jazayeri (MIT)

To help cover the meeting and refreshment break (coffee) costs, the early-bird registration fees will be $40 for students, $50 for postdocs, and $60 for faculty - before September 30. You can pay the registration fee by clicking the "Registration" tab above. Alternatively, you can pay on site at the conference, but the registration fees will be 50% higher after September 30. You can join our email list (or opt out) here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Maurice Smith, Adrian Haith, & Alaa Ahmed


The submission deadline: September 12, 2019. There are no submission fees. The acceptance rate for talks has historically been around 30%.

Abstract submissions consist of a 2-page PDF (1 page of text & a 2nd page primarily of figures and their captions). The main text should be ≥ 11pt with a line spacing of ≥ 1, and figure captions should be ≥ 9pt. Successful abstracts from last year are linked at the bottom of this page, and for prior years, you can find them here. See the bottom of this page for the link to submit an abstract. 

Submissions will be competitively peer reviewed by our program committee of over 40 leading experts in motor control and motor learning, and reviewer comments will be provided. The top submissions will be accepted for 22-minute oral presentations (6 minutes of which is reserved for questions). If you are a faculty member willing to review about 5 abstracts and would like to join the program committee please send a message to

2018 MLMC Program:

1–7.15pm Friday November 02, 2018
San Diego Convention Center, Room 32AB

1:00 PM  Plenary Speaker: Todd Coleman (UCSD) - Applications of optimal transport theory and causal inference in systems neuroscience

Peer-reviewed talks

Bayesian computation through cortical dynamics
Hansem Sohn, Devika Narain, Nicolas Meirhaeghe, Mehrdad Jazayeri

Motor cortical dynamics during speech
Sergey Stavisky, Francis Willett, Paymon Rezaii, Leigh Hochberg, Krishna Shenoy, Jaimie Henderson

Systematic changes of neural population activity during curl force field adaptation and generalization
Xulu Sun, Daniel O'Shea, Eric Trautmann, Tucker Fisher, Matthew Golub, Stephen Ryu, Krishna Shenoy

Exploiting Asymmetry to Gain Assistance during Split-belt Treadmill Walking
Natalia Sanchez, Surabhi Simha, Max Donelan, James Finley

→ Coffee Break

3:25 PM  Plenary Speaker: Gelsy Torres-Oviedo (Pitt) - Sensorimotor adaptation through the lens of feedback-generated muscle activity

Effort cost of reaching increases with aging
Erik Summerside, Reza Shadmehr, Alaa Ahmed

Contrasting de novo learning with adaptation by the expression of aftereffects
Christopher Yang, Noah Cowan, Adrian Haith

Cerebellum-based implicit learning contributes to savings
Huijin Wang, Cong Yin, Kunlin Wei

→ Coffee Break

Special Lecture:  CoSMo - The Computational Sensory-Motor Neuroscience Summer School. Gunnar Blohm

Special Lecture:  Computational Sensory-Motor Neuroscience Summer School, Student Talk:
        Hysteresis in stereoscopic fusion: A phenomenon with a surprising amount of depth
        Majed Samad, Edoardo Balzani, Nathanael Larigaldie, Gabor Lengyel , Jean-Paul Noel

Cancellation of internally-generated errors from the signal driving motor adaptation
Tanvi Ranjan, Maurice Smith

A Normative NeuroMotor Approach To Motor Control
Max Berniker, Steven Penny

Neural integration in the serial control of reaching and holding still
Scott Albert, Alkis Hadjiosif, Jihoon Jang, John Krakauer, Reza Shadmehr

6:45 PM  Plenary Speaker: Adam Hantman (Janelia, HHMI) - Neural circuits of dexterity






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